The UK Lions Coaching Philosophy

Within UK Lions we seek to develop highly skilled junior hockey players that:

  • Have a life long passion and love for the game; 
  • Have a positive outlook both on and off the pitch; 
  • Have self confidence and belief in what they do; 
  • Have a strong desire to learn and develop as a player; 
  • Have capacity to improvise and adapt as situations change; 
  • Have a strong mental resilience to overcome set back; 
  • Have pride in what they do, and take responsibility for their actions;
  • Put team ethos and collective performance above all else.

We set a coaching environment which is:

  • Fun and enjoyable, helping players to make lasting friendships with other like minded players from across the UK;
  • Inclusive of everyone – players, family, coaches, and friends; 
  • Challenging, exciting and varied; 
  • Performance based not results centric; 
  • Conditioned by player self reflection rather than assessment; 
  • Player guided, coach facilitated.

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