Friends of the Lions is a voluntary donation for however much you can afford. All funds received are being used for the further development of youth hockey beginning at under 13 age group. The UK Lions Hockey Ltd organisation, a non for profit company with shares limited by guarantee was formed to administer and direct the amounts raised to assist the Manager and Coach(es) in various events and tours. We thank you all for helping.

if you would like to become a “Friend” please email for a standing order mandate or simply fill in the form below

Friends so far:

  • Vanessa and Jim Tully
  • John Wallace
  • Russell Lee
  • Prag Mistry
  • Mark Swatland
  • Mair & Helfin Jones
  • Asheed Deogan
  • All of the Parents and Guardians of the Belfast tour August 2016

Please fill in the form below if you prefer:

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